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India done it all!

The final ODI between India and Pakistan was almost treated as a world cup final match. For the disappointment again, India lost the toss. I heard from someone that Ganguly has never won the toss against Pakistan and this is the 9th time Ganguly loses the toss to Pakistan. But for suprise, Inzamam put India to bat first. As usual now-a-days, Indian opening order failed to put a great start. Again the middle order played a sensible innings. Thanks to Lakshman who came into form in this match where it is needed. His strike rate was also above 100 unusually. When India put up 293 on the board, it seemed to be doable.

Balaji gave the early break through by dismissing Shabber, who was in a good form throughout the series. It was lack of foot work from Shabber. One remarkable thing in this match was umpire David Shepard's mistake in the dismissal of Yosuf Youhana. It was a rising delivery and had a minor edge on the bat. Well, to err is human. Sachin took a wonderful catch to dismiss Inzamam. In my lifetime, I never seen Sachin so excited. He knew how much Inzamam's wicket meant for Indian victory. That was really the turning point of the match. Once Inzamam is out, the result was decided and nothing much to impressive. But Pakistanis put a great effort in avoiding an embarrasing defeat.

Hats off to Indian team!