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Me and my APC UPS.

Yesterday I bought my APC UPS from RM Computers at Ritchie street. The price was INR. 2700. The UPS has 3 battery powered outlets and one surge protected outlet. I installed the UPS and booted into Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional. The software given with the UPS, "PowerChute" worked fine on Windows. It gave the information about the available backup time, battery charge, power drawn from the UPS, etc. The data connection between the UPS and the computer is through USB port. Then I booted into my Debian Sarge and installed "apcupsd" and the configuration was pretty striaght forward. I edited the file "/etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf" and "/etc/init.d/apcupsd" and started the daemon. It runs flawlessly. You should have "usb-hid" compiled into your kernel or you should insert this module. APC UPS; worth the money.