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Vasoolraja MBBS!

I saw the Tamil movie "Vasoolraja MBBS", staring Padmashree Kamalahaasan on Friday at Satyam cineplex, Chennai. I had a great expectation for the movie when I entered the theatre. The movie is yet another branded "Crazy" movie (Courtesy: Crazy Mohan). The movie was entertaining; but was not upto the mark as expected. The same old Crazy Mohan dialogue throughout the movie. The film is completely dominated by Kamalhaasan. I don't know what Prabhu is doing in that movie. Prakashraj's capability is been wasted. Sneha had no (real) work in the movie; just for fantasy and for the sake of a heroine. Kamal should think of a new dimension for his comedy based movies in the future. Overall, yet another Kamal+Crazy Mohan show! Felt like watching a long "Crazy times" in Jaya TV with new starings.