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Downloaded and installed Debian GNU/Hurd K7.

Yesterday I downloaded the first disc of Debian GNU/Hurd from thier NA site and installed on my PC. I have already tried Hurd before 2 years. It was J2. Lot of changes since J2. J2 was not installable from the CD directly. This time, the installer seems to be functional. After the base system installation, I added an entry to the GRUB and booted into Hurd. On the first boot, the system was hung after detecting my serial port. I found that it was due to IRQ sharing. Hurd doesn't support IRQ sharing so far. I disabled the serial port from BIOS and tried booting and Hurd booted fine. The best thing that I like in Hurd is translator concept. I think that this is the high time to start some Hurd developement. Linux developement is a kind of boring ;-)