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No (Smoker) Vaccancies : US!

Some companies in US recenlty said that they are not going to employ smokers. The reasons that are stated as follows.

  • Smokers go out for smoking once in half an hour which reduces the productivity
  • Smokers' brains think less and tend to make more mistakes thereby reducing quality in products
  • Smokers irritate the customers which tends to affect the customer relationship
  • Smokers cause disturbances (environmental and physcological) and health risks for their non-smoking co-workers

Mind you there are quite a number of software companies too in this list. They made a nicotine test as madatory along with other joining formalities and it is to be taken every year.

Being an ex-smoker I don't accept with the first and second reasons. Lot of smokers started protesting this move. Anyway, I have quit smoking ;-) so nothing stops me in getting a job in those companies!