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Veeraanam Vs. Cauvery!

Tamil Nadu government executes a plan by which water from Veeraanam lake is supplied as drinking water to Chennai through gaint pipeline. It is serving a a great relief for the water scarcity problem in Chennai. But, farmers from Veeraanam are going to protest today against supplying water to Chennai from Veeraanam. When people from a place in Tamil Nadu (Veeraanam) are bothered to share water with people from other place in Tamil Nadu (Chennai), there is no wonder in people of Karnataka protest to share Cauvery water with Tamil Nadu. When there is no co-operation inside the state, we cannot expect co-ordination outside the state. The worse part of it is DMK (Dravida Munnatra Kazhagam) is the master brain behind this agitation of Veeraanam farmers for political reasons. They just blinldy want to oppose Jayalalitha and AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnatra Kazhagam). Cheap minds!