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How to know if you are addicted towards smoking?

That's really a good question. Well! Blogthings has the answer for it. Here is what it says about smoking addiction.

  • You put scotch tape on a broken one.
  • You only smoke half of the cigarette so you can start on the next one sooner.
  • A big white truck with the picture of a camel rolls up to your house twice a week with our supply of smokes.
  • You are considering changing your name to Malboro.
  • You smoke in the shower.
  • You've convinced yourself that second-hand smoke is not harmful if you inhale really eally deeply.
  • our children are named: Winston, Philip Morris and Misty.
  • R.J. Reynolds sends you a Christmas card.
  • You're waiting for the last few pews to become a designated smoking area before you'll go back to church.
  • People invite you outside to admire the stars, and it's daytime.
  • Every time you light up a cigarette your family stops, drops and rolls.
  • Your family's Christmas wish list consists of gas masks, fire extinguishers and air refsheners.
  • You have an environmental awareness group protesting on your lawn.
  • Your family goes to Los Angeles for fresh air.
  • Your friends have named their secondhand smoke related coughs after me.
  • Your cat has taken to wearing "The Patch"
  • Your family uses fog horns to navigate around you.
  • Just watching the 400 metre race during the Olympics makes you tired.
  • The local iron lung dealer sends you their product brochures.
  • Phillip Morris sends you their annual report and thanks you for your help.
  • You recently read somewhere that your former cigarette manufacturer went out of business shortly after you switched to a new brand.
  • Your doctor [excitedly] asks for your permission to use your lung x-rays at his next Quit Smoking" seminar.
  • You take baths because the shower puts 'em out
  • Your nickname at work is "Breakroom."
  • You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Smoking.