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Applying for more public issues

I am applying for Emami and Punjab National Bank Public Issues after a good sign from Jet Airways allotment. So far I have applied for 6 IPOs. Here is what happened with those applications.

  • TCS - Alloted 17 out of 49
  • NTPC - Alloted 214 out of ?
  • Deccan Chronicle - No allotment because of application filled out incorrectly (I am lucky you know)
  • Bharti Shipyard - No allotment (lottery basis)
  • Dwarekish Sugars - No allotment (application incorrect)
  • Jet Airways - Alloted 14 out of 42

Now there are two more POs in pipeline.

  • Emami - Applied for 400
  • Punjab National Bank - Applied for 60

I guess the basis of allotment of these two will be lottery. Now-a-days, a lot of retail investors are getting attracted towards IPOs and hence there is a huge oversubscription of shares. It is better to keep out of IPOs if I am not alloted any in these two issues.