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IP to Country plugin is now up

Finally I have managed to get the IP to Country plugin up and running. The difficulty was because of the lack in priveliege to load data from CSV file into MySQL. The IP to Country database was in CSV format and I can't load it on my server. Later, I have created a db on my local machine, loaded the file, taken a SQL dump of it and uploaded it on my server. The SQL dump (last updated on March 1, 2005) is available here. I thought I could share this to reduce the pain of others who come across the similar issue. BTW, I am not sure if the license of IP to Country database allows to share it this way. If found illegal, I will remove the file for download.

This plugin needs a small correction in the way of handling it for WP 1.5. Use this block of code in your "comments.php" file of your current theme by the side of the comment poster's name.