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Laloo and Gates

How about a conversation between Laloo and Gates. Can't resist the temptation. Isn't it? Here we go...

Gates:Hi! you must have heard of Windows.

Laloo: Oh yes! We have the concept of single window clearance in almost all our offices.

Gates: Do you have Windows installed at your home as well?

Laloo: No, I have sealed all the Windows as we always run the risk of burglary etc.

Gates: (a little confused at this) Then what exactly is the system you operate on?

Laloo: OPERATION ? Yes, I was operated on Hernia last month.

Gates(sweating at Laloo's knowledge): I hope Internet is being used a lot in India

Laloo: Oh Yes! There are a lot of mosquitos and a lot of people use the net to keep them away.

Gates(bewildered at the response): By the year 2010, will India be in a position to export microchips?

Laloo:We export Uncle Chips worth crores every year.

Gates (feeling very Uneasy):Do you use a Laptop regularly?

Laloo: My grandchildren sleep on my lap every evening.

Gates (sweating profusely): It seems that the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh knows more about RAM and ROM than you?

Laloo : RUM? We are taking off the ban very soon and it will be available freely.

Gates (feeling dizzy at this): Well, I would like to take your leave before my system crashes.

Laloo: I am sorry, I have exhausted all my leave.

Gates: I have no energy left. Let's go out and have a bite.

Laloo: BITE? I believe in non-violence. I will not bite.