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Hard disk crash!

Yesterday midnight, one of my 80GB HDDs died suddenly. It was the one where I have installed Linux. By God's grace, I didn't have any crucial data on that. So, loss of data in that HDD was not a great loss but still a minor loss. Oh Gosh! Now I need to reinstall my Linux (I was running Debian Sid which was upto date) and that is going to be painful. I took the HDD for Samsung service center to claim the warranty today. To my shock, they informed that the warranty expired. I replied that I have purchased the HDD on 31 May 2004. They asked me to contact my vendor (RM Computers) and finally RM took it for service and they will be giving it back in a day or two. I have bought a new 160GB Seagate HDD for working in the meantime. It costed INR. 3800. HDD prices fallen damn cheap man!