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Switched to Ubuntu 5.04!

Update: I have mispelt Ubuntu in the title as "Ubutu" which made this page to appear as a first hit in the google search for the work "Ubutu". I am changing the title now. I will no more have google's first hit privilege for "Ubutu" :-)

I have been an all time hardcore Debian fan. All of a sudden, I got attracted towards Ubuntu Linux. After my HDD crash before a couple of days, I lost my entire Debian installation and I was in the need to reinstall it. At this point, I thought of going for Ubuntu 5.04. Ubuntu is based on Debian and they are more up to date compared to Debian (Well, SID is always bleeding edge). I have installed it and setup most of the essential packages succesfully. I have also do one more major change in the software component. Earlier I was using Mozilla Thunderbird at home. Now, I have migrated to Evolution.