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Making Change

One of the forward that I got today! Sounds crazy; but interesting.

Trying Something New Everyday

Change is good. Change invites us to grow, encouraging us to experience new things, welcome new people into our lives, and ultimately change frees us from the mundane.

Many people are not comfortable with change, preferring that every day be much like the rest. There are even people who may be miserable, yet reluctant to change. And, some people are actually afraid of change.

Still, regardless if we like it or not, change happens. As Buddha said, "change is the only constant." So, if change is coming, whether we're ready or not, it behooves us to accept change, even embrace it. Changing your relationship to change can greatly enhance your life, opening up new possibilities and challenging you to become a more open minded, interesting, and positive person.

To begin accepting and welcoming change in your life, start by expanding your comfort zone and making small daily changes. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  • Take a new route to work or school, perhaps even a new mode of transportation; take the bus, carpool, bike, even walk if possible.
  • Eat new foods. You could try a different food every day; ethnic dishes, a fruit you've never tasted, a new drink.
  • Everyday, make an effort to talk to a stranger, even if only to say hello.
  • Wear different kinds of clothes. Try a color you never wear, buy a hat, some fun sunglasses, colorful socks, impractical shoes.
  • Rearrange the furniture.
  • Take a class in something you know nothing about; Latin American studies, Butoh, book binding.
  • Try a new hairstyle; curl or straighten your hair, change your part.
  • Don't watch TV for a day.
  • If you drink coffee every morning, try tea, hot cocoa, juice, or hot water.
  • Shop at a different grocery store.
  • If you always shower, take a bath. If you always bathe, take a shower.

By taking baby steps in creating change in your life you have chosen to take action, and thereby declaring to the universe that you are ready for change. What changes will you make today?