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Canonical Abbreviations

Laziness to type has given birth to a lot of things. Canonical abbreviation was mostly the first among all. When people first start to interact with the community on chat, IRC, mailing list, etc., they are mostly confused with terms like "IMHO", "HTH", "RTFM", etc. I do remeber the first time when I used Yahoo Messenger, I stammered at the question "ASL?" and somehow figured it out without asking what it is. After doing a lot of conversations in the past 6 years, I am somewhat familiar with many of the most widely used acronyms. But there are plenty to keep track of. Sometimes if I don't know what it is, I would try to guess or I would google for it. But now, I use this page if I don't get any acronym correctly. This has vast collection of acronyms. I have never come across atleast 75% of the database.