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Building and running Evolution from CVS using 'jhbuild'

If you are interested to play with Evolution and you want to concentrate only on building and running Evolution from the CVS, you need not build the entire Gnome. Here are the steps to follow for building and running Evolution from CVS using 'jhbuild'.

The first step is setting up the environment for a build and setting up 'jhbuild' itself.

export WHOAMI=`id -un`

# Create a directory for the gnome source code
mkdir -p ~/cvs/gnome2

# Download jhbuild from cvs
cd ~/cvs/gnome2
cvs -d login
  # blank password -- just hit enter
cvs -z3 -d checkout jhbuild

# Install jhbuild (just creates some stuff in ~/bin/jhbuild)
cd jhbuild
make install

# Setup .jhbuildrc to tell jhbuild what you want built (just use the
# sample for now...)
cp sample.jhbuildrc ~/.jhbuildrc

# Create the directory where gnome will be installed; Make it owned by
# the relevant user so we don't have to build as root
sudo mkdir -p /opt/gnome2
sudo chown $WHOAMI:$WHOAMI /opt/gnome2

# Make sure the build environment is sane--get all necessary build
# software.  IMPORTANT: You should say yes to all the questions,
# except possibly the python installation, even if you already have
# the given program installed.
jhbuild bootstrap

The next step will be building and installing the Evolution from CVS. This is quite simple with the help of 'jhbuild'.

# Now do the downloading of sources from CVS, building and installing Evolution
jhbuild build evolution

Now that everything is ready and you just need to start the bleeding edge Evolution.

bash    # Spawn a shell with all environment variables set to your build prefix
jhbuild shell

# The new Evolution would need the new version of the Bonobo server
export BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH=/opt/gnome2/lib/bonobo/servers

# Kill any instance of Bonobo server running

# Now start the new Evolution

Courtesy: Building Gnome from CVS tutorial by newren