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"The DaVinci Code" and my reading habit change

I have never read even a single novel for almost 23 years since I was born. I am interested towards technical journal/books instead. I always argued to my friends that one can learn a new programming language, technology or algorithm than to spend time in reading novels. It was my view till I read my first novel, "The DaVinci Code" by Dan Brown.

As "The DaVinci Code" was my first novel that I ever read in my life, I had problems in concentrating while I was in the first few chapters. In a lot of places I was not synched with the content and I need to give reading twice to be with the novel. It took almost three weeks for me to complete my first novel. I read it whenever I found time. I loved that one and there is no doubt that Dan Brown is a real genius. This book made created a sudden interest in me towards reading such novels.

I came up with the next set of books that I should read. They are "Deception Point", "Digital Fortress" and "Angels & Demons", all by Dan Brown. I bought Deception Point last Friday. To my great surprise, I was able complete the novel which is of the same size of "The DaVinci" code in just two days (almost 6 hours per day). I have never read like this in my whole life. I was also surprised to see that I didn't struggled to get concentration as I did for The DaVince Code. I almost read the novel without any special efforts. I feel that "The DaVince Code" has changed my reading habit to a great extent and I am happy about it.

Now, I am reading "Digital Fortress", which I think I would like than anyother as I am already interested in Cryptography.