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LiveLAMP Available: $10,000 Server Software Solution Free

Open Source Victoria (OSV), an industry cluster of more than 60 open source and free software providers, has responded to a group of IT teachers who want a simple way to test and deploy Linux servers in schools with a free server software CD.

OSV has developed a free product called LiveLAMP, which is a bootable CD that turns a spare computer into a Linux development server for students to practice and publish programming exercises in over a dozen languages with hundreds of development tools. . . .

According to OSV, LiveLAMP can turn any PC into an instant server capable of supporting up to 1,000 students doing work on over a dozen programming languages and hundreds of development tools. Technologies covered include PHP, Python, Perl, MySQL, Ruby, PostgreSQL, C++, C, Pascal, Fortran, CVS, Apache, Lex/Yacc, text editing, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML and many more. LiveLAMP will fully integrate with their existing Windows, Apple or Linux systems. OSV estimates that purchasing proprietary versions of this software for 1000 students and teachers would cost each school over $10,000 if they had to pay for it.

This is a Con Zymaris baby, and you can read his first announcement about the project dated May 10 here. The concept from the email:

(Secondary) school teachers want to deploy Linux in labs, but their IT staff Don't Do Linux.

Teacher gets CD and a spare box. Boot from CD, wipe hard disk and install data (/home, /etc, /var) to disk (programs run from CD). That box serves LAMP to the other machines in the lab.

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