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Long time no post? - An update

It is a long time since the last post. A lot of things happened since the last post. Just a quick update on how things are moving.

  • I have successfuly installed Debian GNU/Linux SID on my Toshiba Satellite A80 laptop and configured almost all essential applications. I will put up a mini how-to shortly on this.
  • Basically nulled out my bank balance on buying a lot of stuffs for the US
  • Reached San Francisco on a fine evening of 21st Feb. This is my first international trip and it was good. The best part is that I haven't felt any jet lag or whatever.
  • Got introduced to our team in Palo Alto office. It is a great team to work with.
  • Did some shopping in Albertsons, Namaste plasa, etc. for our daily cooking. Yeah, I mean that even here we make our food daily ;-)
  • Did some shopping form Radioshack and Frys electronics. More details on the electronics gadgets later. Frys is a very big shop and whatever I looked there, I wanted to buy. Should come back here after some solid bank balance.
  • Planning to drop the idea of setting up a 7.1 sound system at home after reading this article.

I am also plannig to buy an iPod and some essential (that I feel is) gears for the iPod. I think people are going so crazy about iPod and I realize it so much after seeing the accessories that comes to the market everyday. Just take a look at the top 10 strangest iPod accessories here.