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Power of pair programming

A few months back we were introduced to the a subset of eXtreme Programming practices like Pair Programming and Test Driven Development. At the beginning I was in the impression that Pair Programming will not work out well for my style of programming. But slowly, I am leaning more towards Pair Programming and I have already started reaping some gains out of it.

Last week I got a chance to pair up with one of my collegue on tracing down some issues in my project. He was one of the new joinees of the project but, he is more experienced in the industry than me. We were able to effectively mix my familiarity in the code base and his familiarity in the domain to trace down the issue pretty quickly than expected. It also serves as a faster ramp-up for him. It is a Win-Win situation for us.

In the coming days I am going to concentrate more on Agile methods for Iterative delveopment and more practices from eXtreme Programming.