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Tata Indicom - Worst Broadband Service

I have applied for a Tata Indicom broadband connection and waiting for the connection almost one month. Everyday I call them on status they would say either the status is unknown or they will call me back. Nobody has called me even a single time. Finally when I called them today, they are saying that they don't have port to connect me. WTF? Why on the hell then did they take my application? Here is the mail that I have shot them

For those who want to go for Tata Indicom broadband in Bangalore, I would say a big "NO!". You would waste most of your time trying to reach the customer care.

Hello -

I have applied for Tata Indicom Broadband on 29/06/2006 (Application # XYZ). I have not got the connection so far and it has been a real pain the ass talking to your customer care everyday and asking for the status. I really got fed up with the process. I don't want to get a connection from you and struggle with your customer care in the future. REFUND MY MONEY I would never consider Tata Indicom again as an option for an ISP and would never recommend to any of my friends.

Thanks but no thanks - Praveen.