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xorg-x11-xauth needed for SSH X forwarding to work

I have a server that is running Fedora Core 3. I was trying to setup SSH X forwarding to work on this server. The server had only a minimal set of required packages installed. I have added the line X11Forwarding yes to the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config and restarted the daemon. But even after that the DISPLAY variable was not setup in the ssh session when I invoked ssh with -X option. Because of this I was not able to get X forwarded through ssh. I was breaking my head to find out what was wrong. Finally I found out that the package xorg-x11-xauth was needed for SSH X forwarding to work properly. It was a tricky fact to observe on the first hand as there is no direct connection between these two packages. Thanks to Gentoo wiki for giving the clue.