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Solaris and Linux multi-netboot

I am right now working on an interesting requirement. We need to netboot a few diskless clients from a server that is running on GNU/Linux. A few clients would run GNU/Linux on then and a few will run Solaris on them. I am exploring about the possibility of netbooting multiple operating systems from the same server. I am sure that some could have tried this already. But there is no straight forward howto on this topic. One more challenge here is going to have Solaris to have it's /root and /usr on a RAM disk instead of an NFS mount. The RAM disk would be a real big one like 512MB with all the essential software in it. We already have this setup for GNU/Linux clients. I have no idea how RAM disks are used with Solaris kernel. This is going to be an interesting experiment to carry out. You can soon expect an howto on this topic in my blog.