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Home -> Cyberhome via BSNL

After I have moved from BTM Layout to RT Nagar, I was a sort of handicapped because of lack of Internet at home. I used Airtel broadband when I was at BTM Layout. When I tried to transfer my Airtel broadband to my new home, I found that Airtel doesn't have copper in RT Nagar. So, I had to opt for another ISP. The only two possible options that I had here was Sify and BSNL. Sify provides Internet service through optical fiber backbone and twisted pair cables in the last mile access. I have already used Sify when I was in Chennai. I was never happy with their quality and service. BSNL uses ADSL. Lately, I started hearing very good feedback on BSNL service. I have applied for BSNL. But it was a long wait. I got my broadband connection a couple of days back. It was almost 6 months since I have applied for it. The indicative speed of my plan is 256 kbps to 2 Mbps. During day time, I get close to 256 kbps. In the night, I am getting around 1.5+ Mbps.

praveen@aphrodite:~$ axel -a -n 32
Initializing download:
File size: 26022272 bytes
Opening output file OSC.OSCON-AlexMartelli-2006.07.28.mp3
Starting download
Downloaded 24.8 megabytes in 2:21 seconds. (180.10 KB/s)

One thing that I should look for is the 2.5 GB cap of monthly bandwidth. I can enjoy unlimited downloads/uploads during 2 am to 8 am IST. But INR. 500 per month for this plan is really cheap, I would say. BSNL has certainly revolutionized the Internet service in India. So, finally I have converted my home a cyberhome via BSNL.