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Boycotting products advertised by Indian cricketers

It was an embarrassing moment for Indian cricket when they were knocked out from the initial round of World Cup. On records, India has one of the most strong and experienced batting line up. But the reality is totally different. Indian cricketers once again proved that they can't deliver when badly needed. A lot of Indian fans are showing violent responses. I don't quite agree it. We are the ones who made them heroes. Indian cricketers should try to concentrate on the game with at least one tenth of the interest that they are showing towards advertising.

I have decided to boycott all the products that are advertised by Indian cricketers as the response to their poor performance in the World Cup. The initial round of products that I started boycotting right away are

  • Pepsi
  • Boost
  • Indian Oil Extra Premium petrol
  • Parachute hair cream
  • ITC cookies

Anybody who are not happy with Indian cricketers can follow this method, that I think would directly impact their future performance.