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Cell Info Display on Motorola ROKR E6 - How To

One of the most handy features on a GSM phone is the Cell Info display. It shows the name of the current cell that one is hanging out. I was struggling to get it configured on my new Motorola ROKR E6. It was not that straight forward. So, I decided to put a mini How To on this topic.

  1. Go to message screen.
  2. Select "Service Setup" from the options using the button on the left bottom screen.
  3. Select "Info Service" option.
  4. Turn the service on.
  5. Go to "Active Channels" option.
  6. Select "Delete Channel" option using the button on the left bottom screen and delete existing channel.
  7. Select "Add Channel" option.
  8. Type 50 and add the channel (Channel: 50).
  9. Save and exit.
  10. You got the Cell Info on your ROKR E6 working now!

Note: It is known that Cell Info display is broadcasted on channel 50 in Europe and Asia. If you can't get it working using channel 50, please call your operator to find out what channel it is being provided in your area.