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All EB categories become current!


The July visa bulletin is obsoleted by an unprecedented update in the middle of the month. USCIS has `announced `__ that all the employment visa applications won't be received till October 2007. Some claim that backlog clearance effort has used up almost 60,000 visas unexpectedly. The application received in July will be sent back to the applicants.

I woke up with a pleasant surprise today when I saw the USCIS visa bulletin for July 2007 in my mailbox. The immigrant visa number retrogression is gone and all EB categories became current all of a sudden! I can't resist asking myself, "What turned the table in just two months?". June 2007 saw a significant movement in the priority dates for EB2 and EB3. July 2007 is going to say goodbye to all those retrogression. This means that people who got their LC approved and were waiting for a long time can file their I-485! However, I am wondering how long is it going to take for the visa numbers to retrogress again. I am also wondering about the severity of the retrogression. Analyzing this needs more skills than Wall Street analysts.