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Java Microsystems, Inc., JavaOS and JavaFire

I really don't understand the point how changing the ticker symbol from SUNW to JAVA is going to bring a great difference to Sun's brandname. I would suggest some more brilliant changes like Java Microsystems, Inc., JavaOS, JavaFire, JavaOffice, JMC (Java Managament Center), Java Java (well, that is a Cafe in MPK campus), The Java newspaper (oops! that is not our brand; you gotta watch out!).

Jokes apart! I personally don't think that it is a brilliant idea to change the name of the ticker from SUNW to JAVA. I don't see a positive brand assoicated with Java anywhere. We practically saw the brand name of Java in JDS. Do we want to repeat that mistake again? I feel that Sun brand is more powerful than Java is. When I was a teenager, I knew StarOffice as a product of Sun Microsystems and not Sun Microsystems as a creator of StarOffice. The same is true with Java. Looking at comments on Jonathan's blog, I am not the only guy who is unhappy about this. I am expecting that there would be a justification post made by Jonathan soon. It is a bad idea to name your ticker after a language or technology that could be easily extinct in a few years from now. SUNW = JAVA makes the same sense as IBM = COBOL, RHT = LNX, NOVL = MONO and APPL = IPOD.

Disclaimer: I am not speaking for my employer in this post. The views expressed herein are mine and should not be attributed to anyone else.