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Breaking a long silence!

I have been a highly inactive blogger these days. It doesn't mean that I have too many things to take care of. For some reason, I felt that I lost interest in blogging for some time now. Every week I would have found at least a couple things to write about. I would also start a new post. However, I would end up canceling it after I had typed a few lines. Maybe I turned too lazy to write something. But not anymore! I decided to break the long period of inactivity.

As a part of the new start, I have just upgraded my journal to use Wordpress 2.5. I have also decided to throw away my old clumsy theme. I temporarily use the "Wordpress Classic" theme. I am planning to tweak the same theme to match my color preferences. I am also thinking if I should try modifying the "Wordpress Default" theme to use fluid width and use it. But I won't be doing it before next weekend. I would reserve a couple of posts to talk about Wordpress 2.5 and my thoughts about Wordpress theming.

What it means is that you (looks like I have at least 10 regular readers of my blog still) would be seeing regular activities in my journal from now on. I am also curious to know about the ones who are subscribed to my feed. If you don't mind, please leave me a comment. Thanks for your support, readers!