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Turning off loud system beep in OpenSolaris Gnome and GDM

Since OpenSolaris started using Gnome 2.24, I started getting loud system beeps those were produced on the PC speaker device that by-passes the audio device. Gnome uses kbd to generate this beep. This beep is so loud that it is really annoying. Also it hurts one's ears when listening to music using a headset. The volume of the beep can't be controlled by the system volume control. To turn off the beep or control the volume, one must use the xset(1) utility. The beep can be turned off by issuing the command xset -b or xset b off in (Gnome) terminal. One can also control the volume through xset b. However this is not persistent across logins. You will lose this setting once you log off and log on. Theoretically adding this to ~/.xprofile should work to make it persistent. It used to work till snv_101a. However for unknown root cause, it doesn't work anymore.


In order to make this persistent, one should edit the Gconf properties for Metacity. First install the SUNWgnome-config-editor package by issuing the command pfexec pkg install SUNWgnome-config-editor. Then invoke gconf-editor from a terminal. Go to apps -> metacity -> general and uncheck audible_bell property and exit gconf-editor. This should disable the system beep for all applications under Gnome and make the change persistent.

GConf Beep Off


To turn off the beep when GDM starts, invoke the GDM setup by issuing the command pfexec /usr/sbin/gdmsetup from a terminal. Then, go to Accessibility tab and uncheck Login screen ready entry under Sounds section.

GDM Beep Off