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Creating OpenSolaris live USB sticks

OpenSolaris 2009.06 was announced yesterday. You can download the live CD image (ISO) from here. Here is the set of instructions to create a live USB stick from the live CD that you have downloaded.

Install distro-construct

$ pfexec pkg install SUNWdistro-const

Generate the USB image from CD image

$ pfexec usbgen osol-0906-x86.iso osol-0906-x86-usb.img /tmp/osol

Copy the generated USB image on to the USB stick

$ pfexec usbcopy osol-0906-x86-usb.img

On executing the above command, you will be shown the list of removable media and asked to select the one to use with usbcopy. If you have inserted only one USB media, you will see only one entry to choose from. Please note that you may have to unmount the USB media from your GNOME file manager or command line, before usbcopy starts.

Once usbcopy completes, your OpenSolaris live USB sticks are ready to boot a live environment and perform installation. I will be in Community One West, Deep Dive sessions today (Jun 2, 2009) at Intercontinental Hotel, San Francisco. If anyone needs to make their USB media an OpenSolaris live media, please contact me.