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Random links for week 7

  • Last week, I filed my 2009 Federal and State taxes through TurboTax. I found a promotion from Fidelity that offered 25% discount on all TurboTax products. If you are a TurboTax user, you can take advantage of it. You need not be a Fidelity customer to use this promotion. This is not a recommendation or endorsement for TurboTax. Take the discount if you are an existing user or you decided to try TurboTax.
  • Last weekend, I went to Mt.Rose for skiing with Luke Hornof. This was second ski trip. The first one was Sierra at Tahoe. Mt.Rose was a smaller resort compared to Sierra. However, I liked it much better for the experience that I had. The lift lines were smaller and the people were much friendlier. The ski rental shop people were very helpful and paid good attention in getting the right equipment and settings. The ski instructor Scott was one of the most knowledgeable ski instructor and was an excellent skier! Overall, it was a very positive experience and I will go there again. I am also planning to take a bunch of private lessons from Scott.
  • During the ski trip, we stayed at Carson City. It was a small city, not so busy! The people were cool and very nice. Luke and I were hoping around bars, pool clubs and hookah lounges on a quest with a hypothetical question and it was fun. I liked this place. But, I am not sure if I will visit this one again.