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Apache Software Foundation

Recently, I started playing with a lot of Open Source products from Apache Software Foundation. It all started with Hadoop, HBase and Cassandra. Day after day, I am getting my hands dirty on more Apache Foundation's products like Ant, Maven, Archiva and Thrift.

When trying to build HBase from source, I noticed that the project was using Subversion for version control. I found it quite odd to see a modern project like HBase not using a distributed version control tool like Mercurial or Git. Soon, I realized that all Apache projects' source code were maintained in Subversion. Then, I made a comment to my co-worker that, "Maybe Apache Foundation took over Subversion too!", soon to realize that it was true. We learned that Subversion became an Apache Incubator project in 2009 and became an Apache top-level project in 2010.

I am really amazed by the number of projects that are now part of the Apache Software Foundation. Go Apache!