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Started thinking about reducing my weight!

From yesterday, I seriously started thinking about reducing my weight (95 kgs @ 178 cm ; BMI=29.98). I am about to enter into the Obesity category from my overweight category by a BMI margin of 0.02. I was 74 kgs before 2 years. I am not sure how much weight I can drop off. But as experts say, I am planning to lose 10% of my weight in the next six months.

First two steps in dropping off my weight are to make my diet proper and involve in physical activity. From today, I started jogging. I jogged for 3.2 kms today. I am planning to increase it slowly and touch 6 km run. To achieve this, I think that I have to quit smoking. Initially, I thought of reducing it to one per day and later on I have to completely stop smoking. Lots of change in my life style. I planned to get up by 5:30 am and go to bed by 11:00 pm. Let me see how much I can follow it ;-)