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An Eternal Quest for Incremental Improvement

Early technique works well for me.

I usually come to office by 11:30 am and leave the office by 10:00 pm. After going home, I will spend some more time with my computer and I will go to bed only around 1:00 am in the night. Almost all of my family members, especially my father is very concerned about this and kept on insisting me to change my practice.

I thought of giving a try to change my practice for this week. This whole week, I came to office around 9:30 am and left around 7:00 pm. Hey, it works well. Only one problem is about the interaction with my client (based at Westborough, MA timezone:EST). Some days I have to stay late no matter whenever I come.

Anyways, getting up early in the morning is good and let me see for how many days I am going to follow this ;-)