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Aayudha Ezhutu!

Yesterday night, I watched the movie Aayudha Ezhutu by Manirathnam. The movie is quite good. One more movie which made its distinction from that same old masala movies. The screen play is too good. This film is the one in Tamil of which I noticed a good effort in graphics. The songs are the highlight of the movie. ARR's wonderful direction (music) is yet another stone in his crown (;-)). One thing to be noticed is the performance of Bharathi Raja as villain. He done it very casually. In my perspective, most of the characters were like our neighbors; so casual; so natural. Lots of violence though. It is sure that there is some award reserved for this movie. It may be nominated for OSCAR too! Who knows?!?!

PS: I went to this movie for the 10:00 pm show which got over by 1:00 am and after which we (me and my friends) roamed in the city till 3:30 am and I went to bed only at 4:30 am. So, ..... (STOP MAN! I know that you are giving excuse for not doing your jogging and coming late to office today!)