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Bharthi network jammed; connectivity issues to be considered!

"Bharthi" is one of the leading communication service providers in India. Two of their popular products in Tamil Nadu are Touchtel and Airtel. I have Airtel (GSM) mobile connection. On wednesday eveing, I lost connectivity all of a sudden. There was no signal reaching the mobile. It seems that there was a major fire accident in Bharthi's office at Santhome, Chennai. As the reason, all the lines and connections are out of service. It was a great inconvenience that I can't use my mobile. The connection was not up till next day noon. The other service providers connections were up.

A good thing flashed in my mind then. Normally a user of one service provider is not allowed to use other's tower while he is not roaming. But this should be relaxed atleast during such disasters. Would the concerned authorities have got some hint in thier mind on this after the accident?