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I am going for Sify Broadband.

Atlast, I have decided to (forced to for some personal reasons) go for an Internet connection at my Home. I planned to go for Sify broadband. Recently, I heard a lot of ill about Sify. Things like they are forcing you to use McAfee virus scanner, bad in customer service, have trap in their unlimited plan, etc. But I had no other way because I needed a connection that wouldn't count the bytes transfered and also I needed it urgently. Sify was the only option in my area. Since I have an ethernet card in my PC, I paid INR. 3000 for the cable setup today. They said they will complete the installation in two days. I am confused if I wasted 3000 bucks going for Sify. Not sure! Have to personaly use Sify and see. Anyway, I am planning to use it in my Debian. I happy that Sify supports Linux. I have chosen 9pm to 9am 128kbps unlimited bandwidth plan for INR. 360 per month. Let me wait and see what I really get!