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Ganguly's irresponsible play

It is almost one and a half years since Ganguly hit a century in test matches. The fans expected a good play from him at Kolkatta. But he failed. The same continues at Bangalore as well. Ganguly is a good captain. But it can't be an excuse for personal non-performance. A captain should lead by example just like Inzamam. This shows Ganguly's irresponsible play. Ganguly is given more weightage because of a lot of victories that we got when he was captain. It is more of Ganguly's luck than real talence. The problem is that there is no proper captain for India except him. Dravid is coming along well. But not upto the mark. Once India finds a good captain and Ganguly continues his hopeless play, India can easily drop him off the squad. Here is a glimpse of Ganguly's recent test match performances.

Runs taken at

  • India's tour to Australia during 2003/04 - 2, 12, 37, 73 and 16.
  • India's tour to Pakistan during 2003/04 - 77.
  • Australia's tour to India during 2004/05 - 45, 5 and 9.
  • South Africa's tour to India during 2004/05 - 57 and 40.
  • India's tour to Bangladesh during 2004/05 - 71 and 88.
  • Pakistan's tour to India (Now) - 21, 12, 12, 1.