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Bangalore to Nandhi Hills

This sunday (yesterday), me and RJ (a classmate of mine working in Infosys) went to Nandhi Hills for a small trip. We started from Bangalore (BTM Layout) at 10:30 am. Here is the direction to go there. Take the Hyderabad/Mysore/Tumkur road. There will be a diversion ahead which splits the road to Hyderabad/Mysore and Tumkur. Take the Tumkur road and proceed. Roughly after 35 km, you will see a diversion in the left leading to Nandhi Hills which is at 22 km from that point.

It is from this point where my problems brew. The road was very bad at many points. When we just started climbing from the base, my bike screwed up. The back tyre was punctured. I always have my toolkit in the bike. So, I removed the back wheel and took it for fixing it up. Luckily I found a shop in about one and half kilometers away. After getting it up fixed, I assembled the wheel and we started to climb again.

A two wheeler parking fee of INR. 25 is collected and the entrance fee was INR. 3 per head. This place has some good spots to visit. But don't go with great anticipation. Not a very special place, IMHO. Plastic pollution is very high in this place. Some serious action is needed to control this. We treked, visited some spots, had our lunch (at 4:30 pm ;-)) there and then descended. The uptrip read 91 km in my tripmeter and after the downtrip the same read 170 km. I am not sure if this is accurate.

Let me tell you that a two wheeler drive at this point in time is not very pleasent, because there is a lot of road construction going on in the Tumkur road and it is full of dust. Suitable gears are advised if you want to take a bike trip.