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Puzzle of the week - Week #48

It’s cold outside! Betty and her husband were speculating last night that this has been the coldest winter they can remember. Out of curiosity, they decided to check out the old newspaper records for this week in their area during past years and were astonished at what they found. This had indeed been one of the coldest weeks in the last 100 years, but they found other interesting data in the old records for this week in time. Determine what happened on four days of the week, what year each event happened, and what each day’s high temperature for the day was.

Note: All temperatures are listed in the Fahrenheit scale, which is the standard for the United States. Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C) scales use two different methods for reading temperatures; the obvious difference is that Fahrenheit uses 32 degrees to indicate the temperature at which water freezes whereas the Celsius scale uses 0 degrees. To convert Fahrenheit temperatures into Celsius temperatures, you must use the following equation: C=(F-32)*5/9. To convert Celsius temperatures into the Fahrenheit scale, the equation becomes: F=(C*9/5)+32.

  1. In 1925, there was a very bad fire in the city, but not on a Friday.
  2. The highest temperature, 12 degrees, was on the same day that the city had a famous celebrity visit, which wasn’t on a Tuesday.
  3. In 1952, the event happened on a Wednesday. The celebrity visit did not take place in 1939.
  4. The temperature was not 5 degrees when the ice storm took place, nor was the temperature 2 degrees on Monday.
  5. In 1964, the high temperature for the day was 7 degrees.
  6. On Friday, but not in 1939, there was a blizzard.