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Adieu, my darling!

My darling,

I still remember the first night that I embraced you. It just started as an infactuation. Over time, I slowly developed a strong love towards you. In the past seven years, you have been throughout my life. You shared my success, sarrow, joy, tear, fear, celeberation, and what not with me. Slowly, you became an integral part of my life. At times, I felt that I can't live without you. A lot of my friends didn't like our relationship. My family wanted me to completly forget about you. I tried a couple of times to get away from you. But you have attracted me again towards you and I failed. This time, I am realizing that you are creating too much of pain to me. You damaged my health and breath. You spoiled my room and groom. You wasted my time and dime. You broke my heart and what not! Slowly you are dominating me. I feel that I lost my self-respect to you. I can't take it anymore. So, I decided to ditch you once for all. Enough of association between us. I am not your man anymore. Now I am happy that I need not catch quick breaks to meet up with you. I am happy that I need not bother about annoying people on the elevator after I kiss you. I need not worry about the way I will carry the match or a lighter beyond the airport security check to light you. I need not be scared of long meetings without breaks. I need not care to figure out if a hotel or an airport allows smoking inside. I need not worry about taking the stairs. Now I am free from most of the pains that you imparted on me.


Praveen Jul 14, 2007.

Update: I was successfully able to withstand through the Hell week (first week after the quit). I got severe cravings sometimes during this week. However with the help of some alternative intake of nicotine, I was able to maintain my quit status. This time, I will do whatever it takes to maintain life time quit status. My advice for others who are trying to quit is to take the quit one day at a time.