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Hello, Bay Area!

Finally, one of the most anticipated move in my career is here. I have been to Bay Area a couple of times before. They were real short trips ranging from one to two months. But this time, I was moving to Bay Area for an indefinite/unknown duration. As days approached for my departure from Bangalore, there were a lot of mixed feelings and thoughts going on in my mind. I had to go through a lot of stress due to my habit of last minute packing of my luggage. Finally, I departed Bangalore on Jul 23.

I flew on Singapore Airlines to San Franscisco via Singapore and Seoul. The flight was much comfortable this time compared to the last two flights that I took on British Airways. As I had quit smoking, I had no pain in hunting for smoking lounges at airports and I had no urge/craving for nicotine in the flight. I got a sound sleep in the flight that I normally lack when I fly. I wonder if lack of nicotine supply helped me in getting sound sleep now-a-days. The connection durations at Singapore and Seoul were so perfect that you would neither feel it too short to catch the next flight nor feel so long that you will be bored waiting in the airport.

I touched down San Francisco airport on Jul 24 1:20 pm for the third time. This time, the airport looked very familiar to me. Unfortunately there was a huge line in front of the immigration check. Thanks to some unexpected power failure in San Franscisco that took the immigration servers down. I had to wait for more than 45 minutes for the servers to be fixed. Finally, they let me in without fingerprinting and photograph as there were no signs of the server recovering and the line started getting out of control. Overall the flight this time was a pleasant experience without any major hassles. I am staying in Mariott Residence Inn, Newark for a month. I gotta find an apartment quickly and call it my new home in Bay Area.