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Random links for week 36

  • My (ex-)manager David Carlton has decided to leave us to join Playdom. I learned a lot in the past two years working with him. We are going to miss him a lot! Playdom is fortunate to have such a talented individual on board. I am sure he will be bringing a multitude of perspectives into the game development at Playdom. I wish him all the very best in his new exciting game development career.
  • I am using git as my primary version control system at work. Lately, more of my friends have shown interest towards using git. For them, I would recommend knowing why git is better than other version control systems.
  • Recently, I have started editing multiple files with the same name (under different directories) simultaneously on my GNU Emacs more often. This got me confused easily and made me prone to making mistakes by editing wrong files. Here is a cool way to make buffer names unique in GNU Emacs.
  • Due to certain changes that are happening recently in our team, being agile is more of a necessity that ever before. I am seriously thinking of attending Agile Open California. Agile Open California is a coalition of agile practitioners and advocates with an intention to provide an opportunity for learning, networking and growth to the Agile community in California and others who are interested.
  • We are currently working on transitioning our software to 64-bit on Solaris. We run into interesting problems each day. Solaris 64-bit developer's guide is a source of must know information for anyone who is working on developing 64-bit applications on Unix like platforms, especially Solaris.
  • Since I returned from India after my recent vacation, I haven't got much chance to workout in the gym. I would like to use this opportunity for refreshing my appreciation of the basics of weight training and get a fresh start as early as next week.