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Fix mouse cursor jumping to top left corner of screen on OpenSolaris

-> Update 2009-11-07: This issue is fixed in OpenSolaris build snv_126. <-

OpenSolaris dev repository update snv_116 introduced an XOrg bug that caused the mouse cursor to jump to the top left corner of the screen very frequently. Apparently, there is some floating point math issue is involved using MMX/SSE2 instructions. I was living with the workaround posted on bugzilla. I was hoping that the bug would soon be fixed in the subsequent updates. Yesterday, I updated to build snv_122 and found that the issue still exists. Hence, I am posting about the workaround to fix this issue.

$ pfexec bash
# cp -p /usr/X11/bin/i386/Xorg /usr/X11/bin/i386/Xorg.orig
# echo 'xf86SigioReadInput+9?w 770f 9090 9090' | mdb -w /usr/X11/bin/i386/Xorg

This bug is currently tracked in bugster.