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Random links for week 50

  • We were troubleshooting an interesting problem with GCC/gdb that caused gdb to report an argument passed by reference as if it was passed by value. In the process, I was digging up some DWARF information. Ever wondered what exactly gcc is adding to support the debuggers when you use '-g' switch? Michael J. Eager has an excellent "Introduction to DWARF Debugging Format" article.
  • I Found that Sun Studio dbx can handle binaries created by GCC with DWARF-2 debugging information very well. Sun Wiki has a page describing the DWARF differences between Sun Studio and GCC compilers.
  • Last week, the launch of Russian missile, Bulava caused quite a stir in Norway. Russian strategic nuclear forces blog claims that the test was a failure. However, I see some comments that suggests that the spiral motion was a feature instead of a bug. Here is the video of one of those UFO (later identified as Bulava) sightings.
  • To include a little more variety in my exercise routines, I am planning to include some Plyometrics. Currently, I am improving my weighted squats by going for high intensity squats. Squats is one of the exercise that I hate. However, in terms of fitness routines, I find doing something that I hate pays off very well.