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Random links for week 46

  • Editing big chunks of text in Firefox text area is a pain. I am using "It's all Text" Firefox add-on to edit text from a text area in external editors like Emacs, Vim, etc. I have configured my add-on to use emacsclient. I use this heavily when I have to edit text in TWiki, Bugzilla, Wordpress, etc. This post is written in Emacs using this add-on.
  • Speaking of TWiki, I discovered last week that there is an Emacs major mode for editing TWiki markup. It is erin.el, named after Erin Gray. It has some WYSIWYG capabilities and a markup sampler. I will start using it to see how useful it would be.
  • I started using Org-babel, that lets you to execute source code in various languages within Org-mode documents. It is really cool! It can also do cool syntax highlighting in the exported files.
  • I store my daily weight measurements as an Org table in Emacs. I was using Gnuplot to plot these values to track progress. Last week, I learned about R project and started experimenting a bit with it as well. Data visualization really helps.
  • From next week, I am adding HIIT cardio sessions to my exercise routine. I am going to have my HIIT sessions on non-lifting days, which seems to be the most recommended strategy. I don't love cardio as much as lifting weights. But, I am eagerly looking for experimenting with HIIT.