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Tack Sharp Eye

One of the key things that I try to do when I take portraits is to focus on the eye of the subject. This is a well documented technique and works very well. Also, each lens has a sweet spot aperture for which the picture is really crisp. I find ...

மனதை நெகிழ வைத்த ஒரு கதை. எழுதியவர் யாரோ!


I don't know who is the original author of this story. `This post `__ claims that the author of `that blog `__ is the original author. But I can't verify the claim. I ...

Finally the long time pending task of bringing my gallery to production and unifying (to certain extent) the look of my journal and gallery is complete. I am happy that this weekend has been somewhat useful! Need to do some Google analytics and adsense work still. Also need to upload ...

The following are the FM Radio channels available in Bangalore.

  • 91.0 MHz - Radio City
  • 101.3 MHz - Rainbow FM
  • 102.9 MHz - Unknown

PS: Please add if you find missing stations.

The most awaited Gallery 2 is now released. I was waiting for this to setup the gallery on my site. As soon as I find some free time, I will get this stuff in and push it hard!

Slashdot talks about Guitar playing robots! No wonder that there is nothing impossible before science. Just write the notes and throw it to your robot to play it on Guitar.

After a long thought, I have planned to use Coppermine instead of Gallery 2 for my photo gallery. Gallery is good. No doubt about it. Still, I am not happy with lot of parts. I don't have the time to hack it to customize as well. I found Coppermine ...

There is a good collection of icons that can be used on your blog pages available at Diretribe.

I have just created a account. Suraj wanted me to create this much earlier. But, I am doing it only now.

I have suspended the usage of Gallery 2 until next release of Gallery. It is giving some weird problems. I am not able to resize the image as I want. I am not able to delete photo or album. Seems that a lot of things are broken. To make this ...