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My last day at Novell

Today is my last day at Novell. It was nice working with Novell on an open source project for the last 6 months. It is so unfortunate to leave Novell now, but I didn't have options. Will defintely miss all the fun that I had in the Evolution team.

There were a good amount of learnings in terms of knowledge and values in these six months. It was a mutually rewarding oppurtunity.

Working with the Evolution Exchange connector had its own challenges when it comes to either new features or bug fixes. During this six months, I have a done a couple of good features namely folder hierarchy for Calendar, Task and Addressbook, migration of delegation assistant and change password functionalities into plugin and reorganizing the Exchange Account Setup plugin to include more features and renaming it to Exchange Operations plugin. There were some crucial bug fixes as well. Eventhough I like to contribute to Evolution in the future, I might not be able to contribute much to the connector as I may not have access to any Exchange server setup for testing.

We have shot some photos on the last day and I have uploaded them to Flickr.

Update: I am joining Sun Microsystems shortly. No worries :-)