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Today is my last day at Novell. It was nice working with Novell on an open source project for the last 6 months. It is so unfortunate to leave Novell now, but I didn't have options. Will defintely miss all the fun that I had in the Evolution team ...

I am happy to be present in the list of contributors for Evolution. My name found its place in the 2.4 release of Evolution. Hurray!

Exchange Plugin Info
Evolution Authors

We have our annual day celebrations tomorrow by 15:00 IST at Taj. First major event in Novell since I joined. Planning to attend without fail. The agenda looks pretty good.

I have joined Novell today. The climate is too good in Bangalore. It rained yesterday as soon as I came here. The work place is good and the people are good. I bet I am going to enjoy this work.

I brief overview of Novell Evolution architecture is available here. The weekly status meeting of Evolution is on every Wednesday 16:00 IST(?) on #evolution-meet and Evolution Bug day is every Thursday during 20:30 to 06:00 IST on #evolution on GimpNet (Simple way to connect is through irc ...

Novell says that its next Linux Destop will surpass Windows.

It seems that Novell has acquired Tally systems, a leading expert in IT asset management solutions. Read more about it here. Novell's plan are a mystery!

After a long thought, I have decided to quit HCL Technologies. I have decided to persue my career in a different line, a bit away from Networking. Wait for some more time for a detailed update on this.