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An Eternal Quest for Incremental Improvement

Some of you might have wondered about the update that I announced in a couple of posts earlier. All sort of speculations like marriage, new job, stealthy startup, etc., were around. Let me put an end to those through this post.

I am moving to the United States permanently. I ...

Today is my last day at Novell. It was nice working with Novell on an open source project for the last 6 months. It is so unfortunate to leave Novell now, but I didn't have options. Will defintely miss all the fun that I had in the Evolution team ...

I am happy to be present in the list of contributors for Evolution. My name found its place in the 2.4 release of Evolution. Hurray!

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Evolution Authors

I have joined Novell today. The climate is too good in Bangalore. It rained yesterday as soon as I came here. The work place is good and the people are good. I bet I am going to enjoy this work.

Today is my last day at HCL Technologies. I am joining Novell, India on Tuesday (May 10, 2004). It is a great pain to leave my friends at HCL and HCL as well. I always loved the culture, openness and flexibility at HCL. I will defintely miss this. Hope I ...

After a long thought, I have decided to quit HCL Technologies. I have decided to persue my career in a different line, a bit away from Networking. Wait for some more time for a detailed update on this.